Worship at Holy Trinity is intentionally inter-generational.  It's a blessing to gather across generations and diverse demographics as we lift our prayers and praise to God with one voice!  We follow an order of worship that is predictable in structure, but with elements incorporating the global church, including those well beyond familiarity to Lutherans.   Expect to hear something you recognize, and almost certainly something you don't!  Our goal is to engage both head and your heart, such that what we ultimately lift up to God is representative of all we are!

And please know that children are already present, and always welcomed – even the wiggly ones! 

We also celebrate Holy Communion weekly, and everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of age, background, or denominational affiliation.  


Sometimes guests are struck by the nature of how we utilize music to enhance the worship experience.    Far from being able to be categorized in such narrow terms as “traditional” or “contemporary,” our music is drawn from a vast variety of resources, including those that represent the segments noted above, and well beyond.   You’re almost certainly to find something you recognize, and something that is new to you.

We’re not blessed to have a pipe organ, but that doesn’t detract us from lifting up praise in bold and beautiful ways.  Our music ministry team is comprised of several instrumentalists and vocalists who join their diverse musical gifts to encourage all present to join in the song.  On any given Sunday, we use any combination of piano, guitars, flute, percussion, & other instruments to provide all of the leadership we need!

Our goal is to utilize the power of music to help you connect emotionally to the overall worship experience, and to reinforce your powers of memory, in order to better hang onto the promises of God!

(see the "What to Expect" tab for more detailed notes regarding service specifics)


There a LOT happening in worship at Holy Trinity, and it truly is the work of the people that makes it so!   We would welcome your assistance in any number of capacities that make worship possible.   Those include ushers, greeters, lectors, communion assistants, altar guild help, projectionists, A/V operators, fellowship hosts, and acolytes.  Cantors (songleaders) and musicians are also welcome to audition, and nursery caregivers are always appreciated!

If you are new among us and are interested in serving in any worship assistant role, please send an E-mail to the church office ( indicating your willingness (including the preferred service time). Thanks in advance for helping us make ALL of this possible!