Sometimes guests are struck by the nature of how we utilize music to enhance the worship experience.    Far from being able to be categorized in such narrow terms as “traditional” or “contemporary,” our music is drawn from a vast variety of resources, including those that represent the segments noted above, and well beyond.   You’re almost certainly to find something you recognize, and something that is new to you.

We’re not blessed to have a pipe organ, but that doesn't detract us from lifting up our praise.   Our music ministry team is comprised of both instrumentalists and vocalists who encourage all present to join in the song!   On any given Sunday, we use any combination of piano, guitars, synthesizers, percussion, & other instruments to provide all of the leadership we need!

Our goal is to utilize the power of music to help you connect emotionally to the overall worship experience, and to reinforce your powers of memory, in order to better hang onto the promises of God!