Aside from the leadership of our staff and Visioning Council, Holy Trinity utilizes the gifts of several ministry teams to guide and nurture our mission activities.

Our Worship Planning Team serves to invite and welcome the gifts of all active worshipers in lifting up Christ's name in prayer and praise.  

Our Discipleship Team is responsible for helping to guide participants of all ages in intentional efforts to keep actively growing in faith and understanding. 

Our Welcome Team welcomes the sharing of spiritual gifts related to welcoming ministries.   Collectively, they plan for weekly fellowship, special receptions, and other opportunities.

Our Facilities Team are committed to intentional care of our home for ministry, and welcome the efforts and willingness of all among us to work together or individually to be good stewards.

Our Stewardship & Finance Team works to establish faithful policies, monitor the health of our gift sharing, communicate with our treasurer and financial secretary, and provide guidance to our Visioning Council when needed.

Our Communication Team serves to help us share the good news along with updates from our life together!  

Our Sustainability Team encourages us to become committed stewards of the earth and its resources. It will specifically look at our presence in North Liberty regarding our practices, waste, and property utilization.


You certainly don't have to be a member of any ministry team in order to serve!   Still, we are grateful to those who work to organize and invite us to deeper mission!