Our community understands "stewardship" as a lifestyle issue, such that it encompasses being a responsible caretaker of everything from our finances to our families to our future.

That said, we make a special effort to consider the environmental impact of everything we do.  Examples include:

  • Our fellowship experiences attempt to minimize the use of disposable cups, dishes, & silverware.

  • Our facility is heated and cooled with an extensive geothermal system.

  • Our retention pond minimizes excessive stormwater runoff.

  • Every effort is made to use recycled paper, and to further recycle papers from worship and office use.

  • We serve annually as eco-attendants helping to make North Liberty’s Blues & BBQ Festival a “green” event

  • We support the efforts of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light within our budget & educational offerings.

  • We regularly encourage & offer outdoor ministry experiences for ecological education.

  • Our newly-formed Sustainability Team is prioritizing other ways of being earth-friendly in the coming year.

What ideas do you have that might help us to be the best stewards we can be?