A key learning opportunity for adults is offered weekly during the program year as a parallel experience to Sunday School.   From 9:30-10:30 am, we gather in the sanctuary to discuss Scripture, discipleship, faith formation, social issues, or other contemporary issues of faith.  

Make a point to join us!   We'd love to have you be a part.  

Adults invited to "Sacred Conversations"

In lieu of a more traditional adult forum, this fall we are continuing with an alternate model during Faith Formation Hour. Appreciating the need for both spiritual growth and personal fellowship, we'd love for you to experience the possibilities of "Sacred Conversations."

Each week after opening singing with our Sunday School youth, we'll return to our lesson and theme from worship. We invite adults to pair up with one another for a half hour of guided dialog on a topic. It is our hope that not only will we be able to dig a bit deeper into the text or subject at hand. You'll also have opportunity to get to know your pew neighbors better in the process!