Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Church is founded in the firm conviction that God’s people at Holy Trinity are called to Love, Live, & Share Christ. Loving Christ - Holy Trinity gathers to love Christ in worship as encouraged in Scripture: Come let us sing to the Lord; let us shout for joy to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before God’s presence with thanksgiving and raise a loud shout to the Lord . . . Let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the Lord our maker. (Psalm 95: 1-2, 6) Our worship is joyful, prayerful, rich, and meaningful. In worship, we experience God’s Word (who is Christ Jesus) come to us in the story of salvation proclaimed (Word) and the story of salvation brought into our lives (Sacrament). We welcome new members into the family of God in Baptism. We partake of God’s true presence and are strengthened for our ministry in the world in Holy Communion. We pray for the needs of all God’s creation. We sing joyful songs to the Lord. We are built up in our faith and formed in our Christian identity. We also believe that each of us is called to further our love for Christ through the practice of personal spiritual disciplines, which enhance both our discernment of, and willingness to follow Christ’s lead.

Living Christ - We believe we are freed by what Jesus has done for us. Our community will always seeks to better understand what it means to live in Christ in our particular context. Being Christ's disciple means praying with and for each other, caring for those in need, sharing our abundant resources, and opening ourselves up to change and spiritual growth.

Sharing Christ- We understand ourselves as having been “blessed to be a blessing.” We do this by intentionally putting others first, and seeking to reach the broken in our world. We are intentional in invitation, and do ministry that seeks to incorporate the community as a whole; serving North Liberty, Johnson County, Southeast Iowa, and well beyond. All are welcomed to the grace of God at Holy Trinity. We follow the example of Jesus, who ministered not only to the righteous and the powerful, but especially to the sinner and the powerless. If you’ve been going to Church your whole life until recently, if you’ve never been to Church, if you’re ’spiritual’ but not ‘religious’, if you think Christians are often hypocritical, if you’re not sure what you believe, if you are rich or poor, if you are politically liberal or politically conservative, if you are abused or if you are an abuser - you are God’s child, and your presence is welcomed and valued at Holy Trinity. And as such, you will be challenged to grow here as a child of God. Christ sets us free FROM our sins FOR the free life of following Jesus. Come experience this community of love - a community that wants you to come no matter what, a community that will love you far too much to let you stay exactly as you are. Come worship with us, or come to one of our ministry events. We have been praying for you!